Overcoming writers block

Writer’s block is a myth.

Just in case you’re one of the ones that it does afflict, this is for you. As a Creative writer’s block can be, a poison to the artist’s spirit. This will help guide you through the tough obstacle course of writer’s block. I compare it to an obstacle course because it’s not permanent. My obstacle course has nothing in it, so it doesn’t exist for me. Yours can get there, or at the very least, you can dominate that course.

Let’s define creativity

Creativity is connecting the relationship of two different things that are not seen by an untrained eye. I say untrained because if creativity is connections, you have to expand yours.

The Map is not the Territory

This is how I keep my creativity fresh. Try it and apply it, without action you never make a choice. If it doesn’t work for you, then it doesn’t. I will give you more than a few tools.

Experience is your best friend

Living life, introvert, extrovert, whatever you consider yourself. Living life is the best way to expand your creativity because you are gaining experience. You have to be conscious of that experience. Put that phone down, the world can wait. It’s your life. Could you imagine going to the movies and the main characters stared at their phone, through the whole film? Experience the moment is all I’m saying.

Health is Wealth

This one is probably the hardest tool. Which is why I think most of you may try it. I’m talking about your health. A clear mind is a creative mind. When you calm the sea, you can see the picture clearly.

Physical health, what you eat affects you. I want to write until the day I die, and I want that to be as far away as possible. Take it from Jenny though, food does affect your creativity. Physical fitness gives you the freedom of mobility, think about that.

Sleep is critical. If your mind is tired, it won’t be of any use to you. I now sleep about 7 hours a day. I sleep great, my body wakes up naturally, and I’m in bed by 9. Managing my sleep has been a rewarding choice. Your dreams can help you solve problems.

Jimmy Kwik has excellent advice on how to remember your dreams. Follow these steps, but first, you have to manage your sleep.

Physical is only half of your health. For a lot of us, this next part is where the most challenging obstacles come in. Mentally you have to remove roadblocks. Amy doubt you have in yourself will surface as writer’s block, its another obstacle. Tune out the doubt inside of you and tune out the doubt outside of you. Life is all about balance. When you start working on the physical aspects, the mental elements become easier. It’s because working out is not for the body its for the mind.

If you have any questions on this one, please reach out. I understand that these are easier said than done.

Feed the Brain

Read, if you’re a writer you should be reading. You have to understand the different complexities in the world. You can become diverse or hone in on your craft but read. If you’re not a writer, learn, learn from the past and present.


Humans are productive when we are happy. Check out this awesome Ted Talk by Shawn Achor. Life’s hard, no one is denying that. That’s not what I’m disputing. My context is that if you’re in a good mood, you’re at 100 percent if you’re not happy, you’re not at 100 percent. You can get there. Believe you can and you will.

Avoid destination happiness. The idea that once you reach a certain point, have an individual person, or attain a particular object, you will be greater. Avoid it. Listen to Gary V on this one, love the process. Life isn’t about death, it’s about everything in between.

Force the right chemicals in. I like to take an active role in my life. Working out is me grabbing my brain and saying, “Listen here! You’re going to be happy because I’m not giving you a choice. It’s like hacking the system, but it works!

Write daily, Write diversely

If you’re unsure of what to write, start writing your current thoughts. Write about your perspective on life. Write about anything, but please write. This also applies to all Artists. Whatever your craft is, do it daily.

Excellence is what we do, daily. Not what we think.

Don’t settle

The idea that you have to lower your expectations is impractical. You need an optimistic outlook. Art does not have to be of value to someone else to be considered art. All that matters is that you’re honest with yourself. You gave it your best, as long as you try. Too many people settle on their dreams.

“Perfection is beautiful because we can only envision it and never reach it. As humans, we can only strive for perfection.” Artificial Imagination

Finally, instead of some long boring history lesson, I leave you with some Chinese Philosophy I am inspired to share because of Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee symbol for Jeet Kune Doe had a Chinese phrase around it that said.
“Using no way as way, Having no limitation as limitation.”

Let your creativity flow.

Hope you enjoyed this, if you remove your obstacles, message me! I would love to hear about that experience.


It is silly to think of ink as just an object. Just as foolish as it is to think of an idea as a thought. It is the creator and creation. Two in one. The dreams we build come from our experiences in life. As we continue to develop those, they become ideas.

Inktober is us, and it is the remaining ink of an artist to pass to us. Today my challenge was roasted. It’s not a challenge though. It’s an idea, born from the experience of an artist before us.

It’s us, and it’s the same energy we possess. It’s no different from us at all. It was a product of its environment just like we are. Inktober is shaping your situation in your way.

We dismiss what we don’t know because we haven’t experienced it. I hope that I never feel I’ve reached the end of my experience.

I hope that I die before I see that day. It means my soul has stopped listening to the world. It’s heard all it can and decided it is enough. To me, that’s not living. It resembles a shell, moving across the world.


Brick by Brick

“What do you fear most Ramon?” His father looked down at him with a serious expression. Ramon knew the question was in good fun. He dreaded the questions, “Answers didn’t scare us, it was the questions we don’t want to know the answer too. Ramon thought long and hard, “I don’t want to die, Papa,” he said. Ramon stood up from their porch and ran into the street. He ran in circles before making himself dizzy enough to fall down.

It was a dirt road, any traffic could be seen from miles away. They lived in a village small enough to notice any traffic. Ramon and his father lived with no electricity. They weren’t poor by all means, their village had its own water source. For them, it was more than any money could buy. They knew of simple things and simple life.

“What do you mean Ramon?” His father asked. Ramon’s answer was never just one. When he spilled from his cup, he always dropped a little more than he meant. Ramon looked up with a smile. Ramon was almost 12 years old but very smart for his age. Ramon’s father kept curiosity as a close friend.

“I talked to Mika, he’s ready to work in the fields with his Papa. I don’t want that.” Mika was a close friend to Ramon. “Well, what’s wrong with that?” His father asked. “I love you, and I don’t want you to be stuck here too,” Ramon answered. “Mijo, we can do whatever we wish. What is it you want to do?” He asked.

Ramon looked at the beaten up soccer ball. He felt selfish, they barely had enough to eat, and all he wanted was to play soccer. He didn’t have to say anything, Ramon’s gaze said more than enough. “Very well, we will move out here my son. I will find a way, just do what you love.” His father said. It was a good day. For once, Ramon felt the sting of hope. It was something he’d never felt, and it faded quickly.

Ramon practiced throughout the week, but never consistently. After a few years, his father kept his promise. They moved out of that small village and into a nearby city. His father had found a way to use his expertise in farming. He was a valued opinion in the local market. Just like that, Ramon’s world shifted. For once, he had a chance.
Ramon was graduating soon, yet he had never been in a real school. For once, he could play soccer with a team. With others who shared his passion. He had two years to play before he would graduate. Everything was falling into place. Ramon was beyond excited. His father even got him a new soccer ball.

Tryouts came, and Ramon was an animal. The coach said, “I’ve never seen anyone more conditioned.” What else did he have to do, he thought. Ramon could keep up with anyone and be always on the ball. When tryouts ended, the coach posted the team in the locker room. Ramon was beyond excited, it was his dream. He didn’t make it. The coach said, “He just didn’t have the skill.” He went home that day skipped his dinner and went straight to bed.

The next day he awoke to his father waking him up. “Ramon, get up, I need your help,” he said. Ramon felt like sliding deeper into his blanket as if it would hide him from his Papa. Ramon got up and followed his father. Ramon was surprised to see a net in the backyard with not one but two new soccer balls. “What is this Papa?” He asked. “This is for you, but I need your help.” His father answered and beckoned him to the corner of their yard.

There was concrete laid out from an old basketball hoop. It would’ve been more evident if the previous residents left the basketball hoop. “I want to build a brick shed, I need your help everyday. We are going to build it, little by little, it will take time.” He said. “I can finish it within a few weeks, Papa,” Ramon said. His father just shook his head no.

“What’s first?” Ramon asked. “Lay down one brick just as I have outlined it. I will prepare a mold for you to use. Then you will practice soccer.” He said. Ramon nodded, he didn’t really want to play soccer. Not anymore, he wasn’t good enough, the coach said it. Still, he kept a promise to his father and deep down, Ramon always loved to play.
The next day Ramon had no school. When he woke up, his father was waiting for him outside. “I made a mold for you, simply spread it evenly all over the brick. Then you will practice soccer.” His father said. “What about the brick?” Ramon asked. His father only shook his head, no.

This process continued every day. When Ramon had school, he would help his father and practice in the evening. It took Ramon almost a full year to build the shed. Each day it was something different. A brick laid out in a weird direction, more mold to put on a single block. It was always one task and no more. Ramon disliked that part, he was half tempted to finish it in one night. He even joked about it once, his father’s response was, “Then I would have you start over.” Ramon wasn’t sure if it was a joke, so he never followed through.

When it was done Ramon was pleased, it was a big shed, at first none of what he was building made sense. Now he could he his hard work pay off. “When’s soccer tryouts?” his father asked. “Not this year, I’m going to focus on school instead,” Ramon answered. “Why not?” His father asked. “I’m just not good enough, Ramon said, he could hear the words simultaneously from his coach.

His father laughed a little, “Ramon, Why did we not start building the roof first?” he said. “It would be impossible, without foundation,” Ramon answered. “Do you know why its strong Ramon?” His father asked. “Because of the mold?” Ramon answered. His father shook his head no. “Because every day, you worked on it little by little. Like your craft, you won’t start at the top. But that doesn’t change what it is, does it? It’s not the mold, we could have put the mold on all at once. But every day when it would harden in the sun, it became stronger. By working on it, little by little, this shed, is stronger than it could ever be.” his father said. “I’m going to try out,” Ramon said. Ramon made the team that year and won a scholarship for college. The other kids didn’t understand, they worked just as hard. All Ramon had was his father, their home, and a few soccer balls. His days were spent brick by brick, and he perfected his craft.


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Whatever brought you here, welcome. I have restructured this page to be as simple and easy to navigate as possible.

We are all artists in our own way. My forte is inspiration, I believe in the unimaginable. No one teaches us how to use our minds, and so my goal is to help you use yours.

How do I prove it? Through application. Let’s start with Writer’s Block. Anyone can apply these to their craft. Writer’s Block is a Myth.

Let’s Talk about that Obstacle. Let’s remove some obstacles.

I love Writing, but I also love my mind. Your mind is one of the most powerful things on this EARTH! We have people who study computers and we have people who study the mind but interestingly enough, we still don’t know everything about the mind.


I hope you enjoy and I’m always a message away.

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