Thinking Clearly

To remove the obstacles from your mind, you have to get out of your way.

It’s a problem when you think about thinking to stop thinking. It’s madness when you think about it. This article the beginning to your mind to working with you.

Once your mind is working with you, you began to do incredible things. Have you ever seen Limitless? Okay, not that dramatic but still, is it out of the question that you can reach that point? The point to where you operate better than a machine.

Life is like a video game, either you’re going to play by someone else’s rules or learn to define your own. If you don’t learn to think for yourself, then someone will always think for you.

So how do you think for yourself? Who is yourself? The ego, is a lie, its an illusion. You are what this world has defined you as but not as you’ve defined it for yourself.

Removing obstacles from your mind requires you to master yourself. Mastering yourself is not a destination, this is a lifestyle. It needs to be a continuous process.

Let’s play a game? What if Change was seen as nothing but positive? What if the only negative is that we choose to define as negative. Change brings more positive than negative, in most circumstances. Yes, I know that is also subjective because horrible things do happen. Part of learning is listening and being open to the lesson. The universe and life teach us all experiences, all we have to do, is be there for support.

A good defense needs to be well conditioned. In an ever-changing world we are prone to complacency. Change exists on the outskirts of comfort. Change gets further away from us as our comfort zone grows. The difference is our tool for conditioning. No, you don’t have to change, you need to introduce new elements to your brain. As our perspective expands so do our interests, those interests become the new elements that excite our mind. Those elements help us maintain a sharp and conditioned brain.

This is one of the most important things we can pay attention too. I use an app called curiosity. One of the articles they shared discussed the commonalities between Chess-Grand-masters and Olympians. Check it out!



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